OptiMIM Portland

10085 SW Commerce Circle
Wilsonville, OR 97070


+1 503.404.1200


+1 844.355.0631


United States

OptiMIM's Portland location is a leader in the metal injection molding (MIM) industry. It has positioned itself as an innovative company with over 60 million parts produced annually out of the 55,000 square foot plant. Their MIM engineers have a combined 200 years of MIM engineering experience, and provide innovative designs along with high quality products at competitive costs.

Below are additional details about the Portland location:

  • 26 molding machines ranging from 40-125 tons
  • Six CNC Machining Centers
  • Five debind ovens
  • Ten sintering furnaces
  • QuickMIM (Rapid Prototyping)
  • One Mahr and two OGP CMM inspection systems
  • PCpk – Advanced Predictive Process Mode





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