undercuts graphics

External undercuts can be produced readily with the MIM process. The ability of MIM to provide a feature by placing it in the mold design eliminates the need and related cost associated with removing the burr on the component. 

  • An increased level of complexity can be provided in the MIM part without affecting the part’s cost, while at the same time eliminating the need for a secondary deburring or chambering process on the component
  • Internal undercuts are possible with MIM under the right conditions. Internal undercuts that can be produced with a mechanical or hydraulic actuated slide can be readily produced
  • Generally though, MIM components with small and collapsible cores are often impractical and sometimes impossible to produce ones which are robust enough to take the injection pressures used by the MIM molding process
  • Collapsible cores also provide challenges in maintenance to minimize flash. If you are considering these features, please speak to our engineers for advice


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Last updated 11.27.2019