Consumer Electronics

There are few industries as fast-paced and competitive as consumer electronics. What’s cutting edge one year is obsolete the next. And manufacturers are in a constant race to out-innovate their competitors, bringing new products to market faster, at lower cost. 

It’s a sector perfectly placed to benefit from next-generation metal injection molding.

Household names in consumer electronics work with OptiMIM producing precision components for everything from thermal management to magnetic parts to those needing controlled expansion.

They know they can turn to us for high-velocity prototyping of their latest ideas, giving them a rapid proof of concept at low cost. We can also work seamlessly with fast development cycles, ensuring they can keep up with the pace of change in their markets. And, when they’re ready for production, we can scale as rapidly as they need us to—all the way up to producing high precision components in the millions.

Through all this, these manufacturers also benefit from: 

  • In-depth experience from design experts who understand the industry
  • A wide range of available alloys—and our ability to create custom alloys to match their requirements
  • Added value services such as precision machining, heat treating, and surface finishing.

It means we can partner with even the fastest moving consumer electronics companies to help them go further, faster.

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