What's a Good Fit for MIM?

Whats A Good Fit For MIM | Metal Injection Molding | OptiMIM

Is metal injection molding right for you?

With so many metalworking solutions out there, we often have engineers ask, “What is MIM and when should I use it?”

In our past Metal Solutions Webinars, we’ve covered MIM materials, an overview of the MIM process, and how to leverage MIM technology for higher-performance components. By now, you know that MIM combines the technologies of thermoplastic injection molding and powder metallurgy to produce complex shaped, high density, high-performance metal parts. But when will MIM deliver the most ROI compared to other processes for your project?

Sign up for our webinar, What’s a Good Fit for MIM, on Thursday, March 4 at 2:00 p.m. EST to discover the characteristics that make a component a good candidate for the MIM process. In this webinar, presenters will cover:

·       MIM design capabilities and part criteria

·       Getting the most value from the MIM process

·       Where MIM saves cost

·       And more!

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