How to Solve Problems with MIM Materials

Solve Problms w MIM Mat Web

Using custom and specialized materials to solve for higher strength, elongation, a shorter supply chain, and more.

At OptiMIM, one of our biggest differentiators is our customizable feedstock, which we produce in-house. To make the feedstock, we combine very fine metal powders with thermoplastic and wax binders in a precis recipe to achieve between 95 and 100% theoretical density and close tolerances over high-production runs.

Making our own MIM materials to achieve higher strength and density sounds great on paper—but that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the problems that can be solved with our proprietary feedstock capabilities.

In this webinar, MetalSolutions series veteran John O’Donnell and OptiMIM Engineering and Tooling Manager Steve LeBlanc will cover the many ways MIM materials can solve common manufacturing problems, including:

  • Modifying material to suit project requirements
  • Creating custom material to suit project requirements
  • Achieving higher strength, density, and durability than with powder metallurgy
  • Shortening your supply chain
  • Greater design freedom, and more!

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