Securing Scalability

Utilizing Metal Injection Molding to Manufacture Scale Webinar

Streamline regulatory design validation and manufacture at scale with metal injection molding

When a component first goes into production, priority one is manufacturing a sound, high-performing part—many processes can achieve that. But over the life of your project, effectively scaling your production process at the lowest total cost becomes more and more critical. And for manufacturing small, complex components at scale, MIM is the most efficient process to get the job done.

At OptiMIM, we’re experts in taking your project all the way from the drawing board into mass production. Not only does our metal injection molding process lend itself to scalability with automation, large batch capacity, and relatively low up-front investment, but our engineers are experts in streamlining your supply chain and validation processes. 

Sign up for our free on-demand webinar and learn how to take advantage of the MIM process to efficiently manufacture your component from the prototyping stage all the way through mass production. In this webinar, we cover:

·       Streamlining regulatory validations, like FDA approval

·       Manufacturing with MIM at a lower total cost to scale

·       Shortening your supply chain with automation and part consolidation

·       MIM case studies

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Don’t just take our word for it. This year, OptiMIM was recognized by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) at the 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards for the design and production of one of two jaws of a surgical device for the Medical/Dental Category. This part ran at approximately 10,000 parts per year, and was recognized for excellence in precision and durability.

With OptiMIM, producing high-performing parts at scale is standard. Read more about our MPIF recognition here. 


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